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Shift Schedules

If you would like to volunteer for any of these shifts, please register on the rota database.

6.00-10.15pm Evening Shift

  • Prepare and cook a hot meal
  • Set up tables & chairs and make beds
  • Check toilets for cleanliness, soap & towels
  • Check the security of premises regarding doors to be locked or opened
  • The whole team gets together for briefing. A good time to introduce new volunteers. Check that they have read the volunteers handbook and check that everyone knows the fire drill. Coordinator to pass on any concerns from the previous night. Jobs to be allotted to volunteers. Where appropriate finish with prayer.
  • Doors open book clients in for the night and for the following night
  • Show new guests around
  • Serve tea & coffee over the course of the evening
  • Begin to serve the meal
  • Wash and tidy up after the meal
  • Organise social activities for the guests e.g. games of draughts, jigsaws, dominoes, TV, Quiz Night Etc.
  • Record any incidents in the log book
9.45pm- 7.00am Night Shift
  • New shift arrives; debriefs with evening shift. (See 7.15 above)
  • Evening Shift leaves
  • Secure the building
  • Make sure everyone is comfortable and settled in for the night
  • Lights out. All guests should adhere to lights out and quiet
  • Two volunteers stay awake at a time
  • Record any incidents in the log book
6.45-9.00am Morning Shift
  • New shift arrives; debriefs with Night Shift (See 7.15pm above)
  • Put on urn & Cook breakfast
  • Wake up guests
  • Serve breakfast
  • Clear beds and bedding away; Guests can be encouraged to clear up their own bedding. (Volunteers should wear gloves when handling used bedding)
  • Guests leave premises by 8.30
  • Wash up and tidy up
  • Ensure log book has been completed and phone is handed over to Project Coordinator or representative of the church running the next night
  • Clean Church premises and toilets
  • Take bedding away for laundering
  • Secure the building